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Juan Narváez Full Stack Web/Android/iOS Developer

Web Developer Bogotá Colombia - Senior Web Developer Full Stack

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Full Stack Developer - Bogotá Colombia

Electronic Engineer, Programmer and telematic emphasis in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Software senior developer Web/Android/iOS, Marketing, Adwords, SEO, web and móvil

12 years of freelance experience in direction and project development, web developer Bogotá Colombia, España, Estados Unidos, Europa and Latam. Hi and meddle projects in development of web apps and mobile apps.

Extensive experience in web software development oriented to applications that require BigData management, algorithm development, CRM and custom software for companies or startups.
Advice and support on technological developments, needs, budgets and scope of projects

Extensive knowledge onAWS amazon web services, configuration and creation of applications on dedicated servers for the development of software on the web. EC2, route 53, Amazon SES, Amazon Cloudfront, Amazon RDS among other Web services offered by Amazon

Main development tools at Full Stack level: Php7, Mysql, Html5, Css, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, Google Maps, Ubuntu/Fedora/RedHat, Android Studio, PhoneGap Cordova, XCode

Juan Narváez Villarreal

Web Developer Bogotá Colombia España Estados Unidos Europa Latinoamérica

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Creative Solutions

We analyze your project and focus all our knowledge and talents to carry out your business idea or your business brand optimizing your budget.

Web and Marketing

We structure your project to create a brand and be visible in the environment, SEO campaigns, search engine optimization, social networks and networking, Multimedia, applications with maps, online payments, call-center, WebServices and many more.


Comprehensive development for startups, objectives and viable minimums for demos and project presentations.
Responsive interface design and programming (frontend) and backend. Solution, analysis and integration of external apis for projects.
Technical consulting and budgeting for startup development.


Web Development years


Years Developing with Amazon AWS


Years working with DataBases


Years working on Mobile


Advice and professional contacts for web / mobile development, we advise and guide your project within successful and risky environments. We integrate the best technologies, scripts and apis to develop projects in the startup phase and stable versions, we advise and design your own brand, web positioning and advertising campaigns Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

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Juan Narváez

Project Manager CEO/CTO


We strive to offer our clients the best advice and development in the entire technological and graphic environment, we develop their brand and business model with complete confidentiality. Mastery of technologies but always ready for constant learning and research.

How much it cost an app?

Make an approximate quote for your project, we want to know your questions and guide you in all phases of the project, minimizing costs and maximizing your investment!


Survey of requirements, analysis of the case or design and implementation to the solution of your project, our services include all the needs that an app requires and how to invest your budget with our advice and development proposals.

  • 100% Responsive Design

    Focus on web and mobile development

  • HTML5 CSS3 and Bootstrap

    Frontend based on templates or custom responsive development and cutting

  • Javascript-Jquery-Ajax

    Libraries, Api, effects

  • Interactive Elements

    Graphics, tables, statistics

  • Customization

    Custom administrate apps

  • Aplications Backend



    E-marketing, networking, SEO y Adwords

  • Servers

    Server architecture with Amazon AWS

Are you interested in developing an idea?

You can contact me and explore the best option for development and feasibility

Technology References

References and links of technologies based on opensource and development options of custom applications, virtual shops, business software, algorithms, BigData, payment gateway, maps.

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Cloud Messages. Integrate with server and Push Notifications

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Responsive Design

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Development in Php7, Migrations Php5 to Php7

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Aws Amazon EC2

Development instances LAMP

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iOS Development

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Frontend Design

Html5, Javascript, Css3

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Android Development

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Apache Cordova


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Design and normalization of Mysql, MysqlServer, Oracle DataBases

General Prices

General Prices for implementation of services or most common developments. For more specialized developments make a contact request or enter the quote to receive an approximation.

  • Personal Blogs

  • Main page and blog

  • Custom Admin

  • Domain and email configuration

  • 25 USD month

    400 USD One only payment

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  • WEB Enterprise

  • 6 sections

  • 20GB Disk

  • Home, Blog and administrable sections

  • 30 USD month

    600 USD one only payment

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  • Advance Development

  • Dynamic webs and Software

  • Statistics Module

  • Algorithms and csv, excel, txt, json, xml data

  • 800 USDfrom 800 USD by month

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